– easy to use secure cloud storage is a secure cloud storage service, intended for SMEs and SOHOs to protect their most valuable data files

Easy to use secure cloud storage

How does it work ?

What are the deliverables ?

How much does it cost ?

You are owner of a SME.
You have created it from start.
You are focused and you have succeeded.
Now your SME is making a healthy revenue. Office automation and Internet access are something taken for granted in your company. Your customer base is growing, your team is delivering and is daily in contact via Internet with the suppliers and the customers.

Have you considered what will happen if a hacker blocks all your computers and encrypts all your files, asking for a ransom ?
How much would cost you one week of missed opportunities, not counting a ransom that averages 0.5 MUSD ?

Typically, the user will see a message warning against a virus attack threatening to wipe off the disk and is offered to launch a (fake) anti-virus, and when launched this will encrypt the whole disk and ask for ransom to decrypt again the disk.
In case of a ransomware attack on your disks, with secure cloud storage service, just reformat the infected disk, reinstall the system and the application software, and reload your most valuable files direct from the secure cloud.
We transform a catastrophy into a simple unpleasant incident.

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